How to Enroll in the Oberlin Business Integrative Concentration

By adding the Business Integrative Concentration formally, you’ll have preferential priority during registration for business classes, and we’ll make sure that you are aware of co-curricular opportunities, including speakers, internships, and student-led activities.

Currently, classes in business have been oversubscribed, so if you know business is an interest of yours, it really helps to declare the concentration at the registrar’s office, since class seats are prioritized for those declaring the concentration.

Want to declare the Business Integrative Concentration?It’s easy, just 3 easy steps!

First, download the form for adding an integrative concentration.Fill it out making sure to check business.

Second, email this to us at We’ll make sure that it get it signed and returned to you.

Third, submit it to the registrar. You can do this in person, or you can submit your form electronically.